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Our commitment to care

Part of our guarantee to treating patients includes providing the maximum levels of personalized and professional care. We promise to provide excellence in all areas of orthodontics but our ultimate goal is for our patients to feel safe and happy before, during and after treatment.

Your journey to your new smile

We recognize that when our patients decide to proceed with orthodontic treatment, it is the beginning of an important relationship based on trust and mutual respect with the patient and their parents. Our objective is to provide you with an exceptional experience and make this relationship a positive and valuable one. Orthodontics is a huge commitment, both in terms of time and in money; we appreciate that.

Smiles are our specialty

We understand how important a smile can be to our patients and how teeth can affect self-esteem and confidence. Our aim is to improve the function, health and aesthetics of your teeth using the latest advancements and techniques in orthodontics. At OrthoClinic in Ennis we provide some of the most advanced orthodontic treatments used to date for patients of all ages.

Patient safety is our priority

Our practice uses only digital x-rays, which have been shown to drastically reduce radiation exposure to patients compared to conventional x-rays. Radiation exposure is cumulative over a patient’s life that is why we only take x-rays when they are really necessary. Our sterilization procedures are state of the art and follow to the letter the recommendations on equipment cleaning and sterilization, as recommended by the Dental Council.

We have a recall system for young kids

Children should be assessed at approximately 7 years old to determine if early treatment is required. There are some things like crossbites and overbites which may need to be addressed early, and others which are better treated in adolescence. If treatment is prescribed for a later time, your child will be periodically evaluated in an orthodontic guidance program where we will evaluate for proper growth and tooth eruption. This service is complimentary.

We offer clear solutions

We are aware that many people, particularly adults, would like to have straighter teeth, but do not want to advertise the process to the world or wear braces for long periods of time. At OrthoClinic we offer subtle solutions like clear braces and clear aligners which can straighten your teeth inconspicuously. We listen carefully to our patients, and always endeavor to customize solutions to suit you or your child.

We treat adults

Braces are not just for kids! Many adults are finding out how a healthy and attractive smile is important to their health and self-confidence. Many parents have decided that once the children were finished, then it would be their turn! Others choose to avoid a lifetime of crooked teeth to improve their dental health and appearance.

Technology has improved orthodontics

Technology has improved orthodontics.Orthodontics isn’t what it used to be. Clunky metal braces and the routine extraction of four permanent teeth are now things of the past. New, more efficient wires make the process quicker, more comfortable and with fewer visits. Extraction of healthy, permanent teeth to create space can now be avoided in many circumstances with the advent of new technology in orthodontics. Extractions are now only considered when completely necessary and when it is determined that the patients facial appearance will not be adversely affected.

You work hard for your money, so do we

OrthoClinic can offer a number of affordable payment options. No-interest payment plans are available to make braces an affordable investment.

Convenient hours to work with your schedule

With the help of our convenient scheduling system and welcoming atmosphere, we take the pressure off. We offer appointments starting at 8:00 AM and see patients as late as 6 PM to accommodate those wanting to come before and after school or work. Lunch time appointments are available and we also offer appointments on Saturdays for those patients who can’t make it in during the week. At OrthoClinic, we realize the true sacrifice today’s working parents make when taking off work to bring their child to his or her appointment. Well-located in the heart of Ennis town center, within walking distance of most Ennis secondary schools, OrthoClinic aims to provide accessible and easy appointments in a safe environment. If your child walks from school to his or her appointment, we are always happy to give the parent a call to tell them their child has arrived safely, how long the appointment will be and when they are likely to be leaving our practice.

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