What do I expect upon my first visit?

Your first appointment allows us to meet you or your child and discuss your concerns. This appointment is intended to inform you, in detail, about the description and type of orthodontic treatment required.  In this visit, we will explain to you

  • Your treatment options
  • The treatment required and the types of braces that can be used.
  • The estimated length of treatment and what you can expect at each appointment.
  • Any of your questions relating to the treatment and discuss the financial arrangement.

At OrthoClinic, we want you to be fully informed about you or your childs orthodontic treatment before proceeding. We consider all your needs and listen to your expectations. We want everyone to be comfortable and feel relaxed which is why we take time to thoroughly answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have so we can work together to do the best treatment possible for you or your child.

What Diagnostic Tests Can I Expect?

If orthodontic treatment is required, diagnostic records will be necessary. These may include the following:

  • Digital photographs of the teeth and face.
  • X-rays to determine the position of teeth, jaws and soft tissues.
  • Study casts of the teeth to determine tooth size and analyse the relationship between the teeth.

Conducting these tests will help us better understand the orthodontic needs and provide you or your child with personalised care.

Parents are welcome to attend all appointments…

We understand that if children prefer having their parent or guardian with them, we invite parents to sit in on all appointments.  Your comfort and wellbeing is our priority.