At OrthoClinic, we want braces to be accessible and affordable to you and your family.  For your convenience we accept the following payment methods: Cash, cheque and credit card.

Flexible Interest Free Payment Plan

Financial constraints should not prevent your ability to obtain treatment for you or you child.  For this reason, OrthoClinic offers a range of flexible interest free payment plans to allow you to pay for treatment as it is delivered over time. A payment/deposit at the start of treatment is required and the balance is paid in monthly installments during the course of treatment.


Full Payment Discount

A 10% discount is provided for paying in full at the start of treatment.  Tax relief of 20% is allowed on orthodontic treatment, reducing the cost by 30% if paid in full at the start of treatment.


Family Discount

OrthoClinic has a discount policy in place for treatment of multiple family members.  Please enquire with us about our family discounts.


Treatment costs are listed as a guideline only, based on average difficulty. Costs depend on two factors – the severity of the problem and the type of treatment chosen. Below is an indication of our prices:



To follow are our Orthodontic prices:

  • Consultation                                   Free
  • Fixed upper & lower metal            €3,400
  • Fixed upper or lower                     €1,900
  • Fixed upper & lower ceramic        €4,000
  • Fixed upper or lower ceramic       €2,500
  • 6 Month Braces upper arch           €1,200
  • 6 Month Braces upper & lower      €2,400


Simply 5 clear Alligners

  • Upper or lower                               €1,200
  • Upper & lower                                €2,400


Orthodontic fees include the cost of retainers and one future set of retainers if the originals are lost or broken.


We have 3 Payment options for full fixed Orthodontic Treatment:

  1. Payment in full 10% discount
  2.  One third of quoted cost at the beginning of treatment and monthly payments over the predicted course of the treatment
  3. 50% at start and 50% at end of treatment
  4. 10% discount for Siblings